EDI Advanced Technology lagoon aeration systems offer robust solution for severe weather operations. EDI personnel are continuously asked about operation of

our floating lateral systems in cold weather conditions, and in some cases very hot or sunny weather conditions. EDI offers a wide range of Lagoon Solutions and we are often asked can your floating lateral systems be successful in northern climates?

The photographs show an EDI floating lateral lagoon aeration system in successful operation as much as -25°F (-31.7°C). In some of the photos, the diffuser locations are evident with honeycomb ice mounds over each diffuser unit. Saturated air from the diffuser hits the cold temperature and immediately forms a honeycomb structure that can get as high as 6 feet tall. Units continue operation successfully and have no adverse effects from this cold weather operation. In the photographs of modest 0°F, the significant pumpage of each aeration unit keeps water around the entire lateral ice free.

EDI systems with floating laterals are in successful operation globally from Saudi Arabia with heat and sun exposure to the most severe winter conditions.

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