Topic : Increased production  

Aeration  Fine Bubble Aeration  Case Study  Flexair  Increased Production  Bioreef  IDEAL  Biocurtain
Tahmid Hasan February 12, 2020

IDEAL Extended Aeration System & Batch Reactor Process Doubles Treatment Capacity

Originally designed for a 0.75 MGD capacity, the Grantsville Wastewater Treatment Plant receives residential wastewater from almost 10,000..

Aeration  Reduce Energy Consumption  Case Study  Flexair  Aeration Works  Increased Production
Tahmid Hasan February 12, 2020

Aerobic Treatment at Brakebush Brothers Inc. Chicken Products Manufacturing Plant; Westfield, WI

The private wastewater treatment facility at Brakebush Brothers Inc., a chicken products manufacturing plant, was doing a great job removing..

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