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Technical Bulletin
C. E. Tharp, P.E. July 16, 2020

Optimization of Diffuser Systems

TECHNICAL BULLETIN 153 Optimization of Diffuser Systems

Diffused Aeration System Performance Optimization

Operation of aeration systems for..

Aeration  Air Pressure  Aeration Works
Tahmid Hasan June 18, 2020

Sludge Removal and Diffuser Membrane Replacement WWT Lagoon at Proccessing Plant


In 1999, Environmental Dynamics International (EDI) installed a partial mix, submerged aeration system with EDI’s FlexAir™ MagnumTM Fine..

Aeration Works  Discharge Limits  upgrade
Tahmid Hasan June 2, 2020

AW System Upgrade at Bridgeport CT EDI Keeps Solving Unique Challenges

The City of Bridgeport, CT is another example of EDI’s ability to provide unique solutions to its clients.

The city is part of ‘Long Island..

Aeration Works
Tahmid Hasan June 2, 2020

Columbus, GA WRF: System Upgrade and Maintenance Program

The South Columbus Water Resources Facility, owned and run by Columbus Water Works (CWW), treats thewastewater coming from homes, businesses,..

Aeration Works
Tahmid Hasan June 2, 2020

Duckett Creek WWTP: EDI Delivering on the ‘Aeration for Life’ Promise

In 1994, Environmental Dynamics International (EDI) upgraded the Aerobic Digestion system at the 5 MGD Duckett Creek WWTP near St. Charles,..

Technical Bulletin
C. E. Tharp, P.E. May 27, 2020

Retrievable Diffuser Aeration Systems

Below we evaluate retrievable diffuser systems by reviewing several common primary types of units.

Simple drop-type assembly with a small diameter..

Technical Bulletin  Coarse Bubble Diffusers
C. E. Tharp, P.E. May 20, 2020

Coarse Bubble Diffusers

Coarse Bubble Diffusers 103

Coarse bubble diffusers are suitable for almost any type of water and wastewater application. The primary application..

Technical Bulletin
C. E. Tharp, P.E. May 15, 2020

Fine Bubble Aeration

Fine bubble aeration systems are inherently more efficient in oxygen transfer than coarse bubble aeration systems. Overall, a fine bubble aeration..

Case Study  IDEAL
Tahmid Hasan April 13, 2020

Improved Plant Discharge Quality Using the IDEAL System


Miner, Mo., population 980, is a quaint rural community located halfway between St. Louis and Memphis, Tenn.The 20-year-old Miner..

Technical Bulletin  Aeration  Lagoon Solutions  Lagoons
C. E. Tharp, P.E. March 25, 2020

Selecting Lagoon Aeration Systems

Technical Bulletin #178: Selecting Lagoon Aeration Systems 

Surface Aeration or Diffused Aeration 

When designing lagoon aeration systems..

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