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Technical Bulletin  Diffuser  Aeration  Fine Bubble Aeration  Diffusers
C. E. Tharp, P.E. January 16, 2020

Disc Diffuser Specification Guidelines

Disc diffusers are an excellent way to deliver aeration for many wastewater facilities.

For maximum benefit owners and engineers must make a..

Technical Bulletin  Aeration  Fine Bubble Aeration  Coarse Bubble Aeration  Air Pressure  Diffusers  Fine Bubble Diffusers  Operating Pressure  Coarse Bubble Diffusers
C. E. Tharp, P.E. January 15, 2020

Maximum Air Pressure for Diffusers

In the water and wastewater treatment field there are many needs and/or opportunities to upgrade existing facilities or to construct new..

Technical Bulletin  Aeration  Reduce Energy Consumption
C. E. Tharp, P.E. January 14, 2020

Energy Consumption Performance of Aeration Systems

One of the key factors to consider when evaluating performance characteristics of various aeration mixing system options is the predicted cost of..

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